When people ask you to define your perfect holiday, do you say “wine, wine and wine” again? Well, maybe you should read the next lines about a tour in Abruzzo that you might enjoy!

Abruzzo wine is well-known. Our local grapes, like Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Pecorino or Trebbiano (just to mention a few) are appreciated all over the world. If we add that Abruzzo regional cuisine is the most appreciated by foreign visitors in Italy…we don’t need to say anything else! Read Joseph and Rebecca’s foodie adventure in Abruzzo with us then book your next holiday in our marvelous region! (CLICK HERE)

Our lovely guests from Maryland enjoyed a two-day experience, tasting incredible Abruzzo cuisine while sipping and learning about our local grapes! We started our food adventure together with a visit to an olive mill. We learned how extra virgin olive oil is made and how to recognize a good one to buy! After a lovely morning in the olive groves, we drove to the magical Trabocchi road for a great discovery: the beautiful trabocchi! A trabocco is a “fishing house”, built by fishermen so that they could fish in very bad weather conditions. These fabulous little houses are now restaurants, where you can have the most amazing Abruzzo traditional seafood experience ever! We lost the count of all the different courses, enjoying a bottle of white wine, the sea breeze and the company of Abruzzo locals! After such a lunch, we were more than ready to visit the main sightseeing points along the fabulous Adriatic coast!

That was not enough of course! We were pleased to start a new day with Joseph and Rebecca…a real “wine day“, totally dedicated to Abruzzo grapes! We visited two different wineries in Pescara province, in which we learned about the different local grapes…and, well, you know how it goes: we had to taste, taste and taste again, just to make sure we really got the idea of all the flavours! Could we skip some traditional dishes today? Of course not! So we relished delicious local recipes at a restaurant nearby…could this tour be “foodier” than that?…perfetto! 

Are you a wine lover? Come explore Abruzzo wine tradition and grapes and taste its delicious cuisine! Join us for an authentic foodie experience! Contact Maple&Saffron, come explore unspoiled Italy! (CLICK HERE)