When I was a kid, nonna Angela taught me a rhyme:


A li ddu la Cannelore

Candelora on the second

A li tra la blasiole

Saint Biagio on the third

Se ce nangue, se ce piove

If it snows, if it rains

Da l’immerne sam fore

We’re out of wintertime

Se ce sta lu sularille

If it’s sunny

Stam ‘mmezz’a lu ‘mmernarille

We’re stuck in winter weather


On February 2nd, Catholic church celebrates Joseph and Mary bringing baby Jesus to Jerusalem temple. The name Candelora comes from the word “candela” (candle), because candles are blessed and lightened up during mass, to simbolize Jesus lighting up the world with his birth.

This date has also an important meaning for farmers. It is, in fact, the day to predict whether winter is about to end or not.

If it’s a sunny day, cold and wintery weather will last longer; if it’s snowy or rainy, spring weather will be here soon.

Photo credit: milanoevents.it