Take a lovely couple and a true desire to trace their family genealogy in Abruzzo…what do you get? A fantastic, private tour in Abruzzo!

They saw, tasted and felt how their ancestors lived like in our beautiful Abruzzo region!

The whole tour was tailor-made, so that our guests had all the time to relax and enjoy the lovely places and breathtaking landscapes of Abruzzo!

We took care of everything. After almost a yearly research in their hometown offices, we found family birth and marriage certificates: it was lovely to see our guests reading their grandparents’ papers! They had the chance to take a tour of their family hometown, taste the Abruzzo traditional dishes they made and ate when they lived in Italy, explore the best places to visit in Abruzzo!

All this, staying at one of the best four-star hotels in Abruzzo, experiencing exclusive moments, like a lunch on one of Abruzzo traditional trabocchi (old fishing machines right on top of the Adriatic sea), some visits to Abruzzo traditional wineries with tastings of Abruzzo wines!

Is your family from one of Abruzzo towns? Do you want to discover your Abruzzese roots and learn how your family lived and what their traditions were?

Contact Maple&Saffron and we’ll accompany you on a journey through tradition, family moments, real local life! info@mapleandsaffron.com